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2020-05-29 Assembly of June 1st, 2020
Please find enclosed the Agenda of the Regular Assembly of June 1st, 2020.
As of May 30, the eco-centre will accept all materials that are normally accepted at the ecocentre. For the full list, please see the following document.
2020-05-27 Summer Day camp cancelled
For the safety of children and monitors, and to respect the norms of the Public Health, the Municipality cannot offer its Summer Day Camp. For the complete notice, please click on the title. Thank you for your comprehension.
2020-05-26 Special Assembly of May 25th, 2020
Please find enclosed the minutes from the Special Assembly of May 25th, 2020.
There will be a special assembly on Monday, May 25th, 2020 at 7:30 at the Town Hall of Ormstown (behind closed doors). Please find enclosed the «Ordre du jour».
2020-05-19 Bylaw's project no. 132-2020
Please find enclosed the Bylaw's project # 132-2020 concerning Fire Prevention and Security.
2020-05-19 Bylaw's Project no. 131-2020
Please find enclosed the Bylaw's project # 131-2020 for dangerous dogs and other domestics animals.
2020-05-15 Minutes for the special assembly of May 14th 2020
Please find enclosed the Minutes's project for the special assembly of May 14th. If you have any question or comments, please write to
2020-05-11 Fires permitted under certain conditions
Here is the document explaining the conditions for making a small fire at home.
2020-05-05 REGULAR MEETING COUNCIL for May 4th, 2020
The regular meeting of Council for May 4th,2020 was closed to public due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequent emergency measures. The Citizens can consult the minutes from this meeting, and send their questions or commentaries by e-mail to:



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